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My Originals and Special Custom Made Oil  Paintings

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Offering Custom Made Painting Treasures:🌿
This creationis a treasure that has true sentimental value to the recipient. Send me any pertinent info related such as dates, places, nick names, favorite colors, quotes, etc.Choose a photo(s) and some with several angles to help me with depth of subject.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐My prices include only the highest quality products: canvas, supplies, varnish and time . 🍃🍁🍃🍂🍂🍃I paint in both Oil and Acrylic Medium. I utilize Gesso, Modeling Paste and Gold Leaf for texture.I use small props, like glass beads and fabric to add to sentiment of the painting.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Painting style:💐🌺My Original Creations are both🌻 Realistic and Abstract 💮🌸💮🌸💮🌸💮🌸💮🌸💮Realistic part of the painting is detailed and I mix this with Abstract or Impressionistic details to create a unique emotion around the subject🌱🌼

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Blessings to you

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Jennifer Maud

Welcome and Thank you for visiting my gallery. It is my dream and hope that you enjoy this feast for your eyes and your heart.  I believe artistic ability is a gift from God and a responsibility to express and bring this celebration of life to others. My inspiration to create comes from music, dance and nature. I remember marveling at the sky's magnificence at a very young age. Vivid Art By Jen emerged out of a combination of an intuitive sense of color, education, and training which allows my perspective as an artist to be Impressionistic, sometimes abstract yet contemporary. Growing up in New Jersey with close exposure to New York City weekly, and various museums and galleries  lead me to develop an eye, passion and an appreciation for art. My painting style, whether its an original work or a commission, is a buffet for the consumer with texture and some striking color with a realistic subject embedded in an Impressionistic sea. In college I studied fine arts at Montclair University in New Jersey and spent time at F.I.T. in NYC. I have been painting in oils for over 2 decades. The Master Artists that have influenced me all my life are Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet. I now reside in Ga with my husband and daughter.

For prints of any art displayed here both sold and available please press black button (get in touch) website link below

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"Art is an imaginative activity, and in the act of creating, we reflect the mind of our Maker"

Philip Graham Ryan,  Author "Art for God's Sake"

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Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries, commission requests or studio visits, please contact me today.

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